Post Hole Digger One Man Auger Drill Bit


Lightweight and easy to start, The Post Hole Digger Set features a 52CC, air cooling 2 stroke gasoline engine, 8 inch Auger Bits with cutting carbide blades the auger can drill holes of various diameters. Additional of 12 in. & 20 in. Auger Extension (2Size) to lengthen the reach of drill.

Recommend Uses :

Industrial, Commercial, Small / Large Home Project, Install Fence Posts, Decks, Wooden Decorative, Plant Trees and Shrubs, Dog Kennel, etc. and more.

8 in. x 31.5 in. Auger: 7 in. between adjacent blade, 7-7/8 in. overall diameter, 31.5 in. overall length

  • Color: black powder coated
  • Material: carbon steel rod, alloy steel cutting headShank diameter: 3/4 in. (fits most of the auger shafts)
  • Black powder coated finish for rust and corrosion resistant protection
  • Heavy gauged(can withstand bending and troque loads),helicoid-type blade adds structural strength
  • Blade pitch is set to minimized power required for drilling and maximize the amount of loose soil removed from the hole
  • Offer digging operation in industrial area,commercial application,and home project


  • Displacement: 52CC
  • Fuel Capacity: 900ml
  • 2.5Horse Power 52CC
  • Engine: 2-stroke,air-cooled
  • Drilling working speed: 170-200rpm
  • Rated output power: 1700W/7000rpm
  • Two-cycle oil /Gasoline and oil mixed ratio: 25:1



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