12 inch HD Rotating Tree Shear Attachment w/ 5 inch Cylinder



HYDRAULIC CYLINDER: Equipped with a powerful hydraulic cylinder. It has a cutting force of up to 30 tons to slice through even the thickest tree trunks. It can handle 3000 pounds per square inch (PSI). It measures at 5 inch by 12 inch . Please note that this product is not intended for tree pulling.

SKID STEER HOOKUP: The Tree shear features a universal skid steer hookup. It will fit any tractor from John Deere to Kubota. It has a manual rotating head that has a range of 90 degrees. This heavy-duty tree remover will significantly expedite the job of clearing trees. Add it to your landscaping tools and yard equipment today.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: These AR400 steel shear blades are heat-treated, increasing its abrasion resistance. Hoses and flat-faced couplers are included with your purchase for easier hookup. Overall, the rotating tree cutter measures at 45.20 inch in width and 49 inch in height. It has a maximum cut diameter of 12 inch. It weighs approximately 950 pounds.



  • - Universal skid steer style hookup
  • - Rotating head (manual) 90 degrees
  • - Shear blade


  • - Material: Steel
  • - Heat treated AR400
  • - Hoses and flat faced couplers
  • - Hydraulic cylinder 5 inch x 12 inch
  • - 3,000 PSI (30 tons of cutting force)
  • - Width: 45.20 inch
  • - Vertical Height: 49 inch
  • - Maximum cut diameter: 12 inch
  • - Weight: 950 LB



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